Body Brokering and Addiction Treatment: What You Need to Know

According to a recent PA government study, nearly 20% of substance abuse patients receive additional out-of-state treatment.

This study was a joint venture between the Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs and the Insurance Department. It highlighted the risks of patient body brokering and a new set of penalties to stop the practice.

For example, some Florida drug rehab centers lure patients with the promise of a sunny climate and a fresh start. However, you should ask if these facilities serve the best interests of you or your loved ones.

Keep reading to learn what you need about body brokering and Florida addiction treatment.

What Is Body Brokering?

Body brokering is an illegal profit scheme. Some rehab facilities use this scheme to generate an ongoing supply of patients—and their insurance money.

Body Brokering and Addiction Treatment: What You Need to KnowThese facilities take advantage of people when they’re most vulnerable. They trick addicts or their families into believing they’ll act in the patient’s best interest. In reality, however, their sole interest is making money from a patient’s insurer.

These facilities use patient brokers. The brokers find patients with insurance that will cover drug testing or other services.

They’ll then refer the patient to a facility in return for a referral fee. Some of these facilities only collect a large fee from patients for the initial drug testing and don’t provide any follow-up services.

How Does This Happen?

For patients and families, seeking addiction treatment is a new and unsettling experience. Also, the need for treatment creates a sense of urgency. These conditions add to the vulnerability of treatment seekers.

For instance, someone might call an addiction treatment center they found through an online clearinghouse. Usually, a sympathetic, compassionate-sounding voice answers the phone.

In this state of mind, body brokers can easily manipulate someone into agreeing to suggestions, especially if it seems to come from a credible source. Often, however, this person is solely a third-party body broker.

The Shady Practices of Body Brokers

Body brokers might employ unfortunate tactics. These tactics may include loitering where they can find addicts, including:

  • Detox centers
  • Halfway houses
  • Recovery meetings

Body brokers will use these places to recruit unsuspecting patients. In some instances, they may tell a potential patient their insurance will not pay for treatment unless they fail a drug test.

Body brokers use several alarming tactics. They’re only concerned with how much they’ll make for referrals.

Finding Quality Florida Addiction Treatment

If you or a loved one needs addiction treatment, it’s vital to vet a potential service provider carefully. In this way, you can ensure you or your loved ones receive adequate recovery treatment.

You must take your time and perform due diligence, even in an emergency. Some Florida detox operators have proven so unscrupulous the courts have sentenced them to jail time.

Dishonest Florida drug detox centers also use devious tactics to recruit patients. For example, they may offer free or reduced rent.Body Brokering and Addiction Treatment: What You Need to Know

They might also offer free cigarettes since they know many addicts are prone to the habit. These facilities might even offer pre-paid debit cards and other incentives.

If you’re considering a facility and they offer these kinds of “freebies” it should raise a red flag. A genuine rehab facility will offer licensed service and well-qualified staff instead of gimmicks.

When Money Becomes More Important Than Recovery

Sometimes, facilities become drawn into body brokering. For instance, an institution may struggle to make a profit.

At the same time, a third-party call center may offer to verify the insurance of potential patients. They’ll then receive a commission for referring those patients to the treatment center.

Fortunately, there are many highly credentialed and legitimate drug and alcohol treatment centers. They employ highly trained, credentialed, and compassionate staff.

Legitimate rehab facilities also use methods that work. At Mayflower Detox and Residential Rehab, for instance, we use protocols that have proven therapeutic and successful.

Is a Florida Addiction Treatment the Best Place for Recovery?

Many body brokers lure patients to attractive areas like Florida. However, the area has a well-documented history of substance abuse, starting in the 2000s.

The state was the nation’s top place to buy prescription drugs with almost no difficulties. As a result, pill mills rose to prominence in the area.

Even worse, Florida served as a gateway to the opioid epidemic. From there, it spread to other areas of the country.

Eventually, the pill mills in Florida subsided. However, heroin and fentanyl addiction quickly took their place. Now, fentanyl is one of the leading causes of death in the state.

People, Places, Things: Florida Has It All

You or a loved one may have been considering a Florida alcohol detox. However, you should know the state also has a grim track record with alcohol abuse.

Alcohol abuse is present across the United States. Yet, alcohol-related deaths in Florida rise continually, with no signs of slowing down.

As much as 20% of Florida adults engage in binge drinking. In Florida, alcohol abuse is everywhere. There’s little a Florida alcohol rehab patient can do to escape the drinking scene.

Florida’s Broken Drug and Alcohol Rehab System

Florida has a broken rehab system. The state’s body brokering industry is the main cause of the problem. Here, many facilities pay third-party brokers to find patients with insurance that will pay for drug testing.

Any addiction treatment facility should have drug testing. Again, however, these facilities often fail to provide any treatment beyond an initial drug test.

Patients who enter these facilities typically end up no better off than when they arrived. What’s even more disconcerting is that the body brokers connect with these individuals and send them to other similar facilities to start the cycle again—all for profit.

Trust Us for a Safe Recovery Environment

Now you know more about body brokering and Florida addiction treatment. At Mayflower Detox and Residential Rehab in Massachusetts, you or someone you love can receive real, life-changing addiction recovery treatment.

The process begins with detox. It’s different for everyone. However, the goal is the same: to rid the body of toxic substances and begin recovery.Body Brokering and Addiction Treatment: What You Need to Know

We make the detox experience as safe as possible. Our experienced professionals also create a personalized recovery plan to treat addiction.

Feel free to learn more about what to expect in a Massachusetts detox.

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