Mayflower Detox and Residential Addiction Treatment

The Premium Drug and Alcohol Detox Facility and Residential Addiction Treatment Facility

Mayflower Detox and Residential Drug and Alcohol addiction treatment in MA is a state-of-the-art $12 million drug and alcohol detox and residential rehab for individuals ready to start a new life.

This brand new detox and a residential drug and alcohol rehab was built in 2021. The property is 22,000 square feet of space and is 100% dedicated to providing premium, individualized medical detoxification care from drugs and alcohol in a safe, discrete and comfortable environment. 

Mayflower detox and residential rehab for drugs and alcohol has 48 beds and offers a host of modern amenities designed to provide clients with the support, comfort, safety, and privacy they need to begin the process of breaking the grip of addiction and alcoholism.

Detox and Residential Rehab Services


Acute Treatment Services (ATS) or medically monitored detox offers a safe and more comfortable way to begin a drug and alcohol detox by helping to manage the symptoms of withdrawal under the careful eye of a team of experienced and compassionate physicians, nurses, and addiction professionals who can provide medical assistance and withdrawal medication when needed.

Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Clinical Stabilization Services (CSS Detox) provides a variety of support, therapy, and education services in a safe and supportive inpatient setting. A team of medical professionals and therapists, social workers, and mental health workers join together with case managers to provide structure and can serve as a bridge from detox into your aftercare and drug and alcohol rehab programs.

A typical stay at Mayflower Detox and Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehab can last 3-7 days in the ATS Detox program and another and 2-3 weeks in the CSS Residential addiction treatment program.

Rapid Intake Program Offering

Concierge-Level Intake Support

Mayflower Detox and Residential Rehab for drugs and alcohol created the innovative Rapid Intake Program to get patients and their families the help they need quickly and easily

Quick, 90 second insurance verification

Complete our simple insurance intake verification form and an intake staff will reply as soon as possible to provide assistance.


We know that every second counts

When a person is in need of detox services, there is no time to waste. Our experience in detox and residential addiction treatment has shown that the fear of red tape often scares people away from getting the help when they need it most