Mayflower Detox Rapid Intake Program

When Your Family Is In Crisis, Every Minute Counts

When addiction hits you or your family, the thought of finding, registering, and being admitted into a detox can be overwhelming. That is why we created the Rapid Intake program to make it fast and simple to get into detox and get your journey to recovery underway.

At Mayflower Detox, we recognize that when a person reaches the point that they need detox, there is no time to spare. For yourself or your family, the idea of coordinating paperwork, insurance, and even the logistics of checking into detox may be too high of a burden. Our Rapid Intake coordinators help you overcome these obstacles by doing it all for you.

24-Hour Assistance

Our Rapid Intake team is here and ready to take your call, get your insurance verified, and get you started in one of our detox programs 24-hours a day/7 days a week. No voicemails, no runaround, just answers to your questions and solutions to your challenges. Call 978-737-7937 or click here because there is no better time than now to get help and start your recovery journey.

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Concierge-Level Intake Support

Everyone has heard horror stories about insurance paperwork, and constantly changing coverage and co-pay regulations make it almost impossible for an average person to keep up. At Mayflower Detox, we have pioneered the concept of Concierge Level Intake Support and have a team of trained and experienced intake-coordinators who are well-versed in the ins and outs of insurance coverage

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We know that every second counts

When a person is in need of detox services, there is no time to waste. Our experience in addiction treatment has shown that the fear of red-tape often scares people away from getting the help when they need it most

Mayflower Detox is Conveniently Located Near Boston

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Mayflower Detox chose to build its brand new detox in Wilmington, MA, less than 20 miles from Boston and Logan Airport. It is also convenient to Routes 128, I93, and I95 making Mayflower Detox easily accessible from Southern New Hampshire, Methuen, Beverly, Danvers, Quincy, Braintree, Waltham, Newton, Lowell, Andover, Reading, Salem, NH, Manchester, NH, Worcester and the North and South Shore.