Brand-New Detox and Rehab Facility in MA

Meeting Today’s Addiction Challenges with Modern Detox Facilities in MA

Over the past decade, the entire landscape of addiction and how it is treated has been turned upside down. In the past, “detox” was mentioned in hushed tones and seen as a drying-out period before you could begin your ‘real rehab’ program for drugs and alcohol in Massachusetts.

At Mayflower Detox and Inpatient addiction treatment centers, we think about a Massachusetts detox differently. We understand that detox in MA is perhaps the most critical part of the process of regaining control of your life. We have invested the time, energy, and resources into building a world-class facility where you can begin your journey, free from the bonds of addiction.

The First New Custom Built Detox and Rehab in Massachusetts in Years

Mayflower Detox represents the first detox facility in MA built from the ground up in years and has been meticulously designed to meet the rapidly evolving needs of today’s addiction challenges. Rather than rehab and retrofit an old building  or clinic, Mayflower Detox is a brand new, 22,000 sq ft dedicated  facility that is purpose-built to provide one thing – world-class detox care

Mayflower Detox features a total of 48 client beds across both detox and residential and all the resources and amenities to make your detox experience as safe, comfortable, and discrete as possible.

Getting Started in Detox

Do you or someone you love need detox? Don’t wait. Make the call and let us handle the rest.  Our Rapid-Intake coordinators will make it simple with concierge-level intake support. We handle everything from admission to dealing with insurance. Click here to get our instant insurance verification and get started today.

Finding a Detox Near Me

Mayflower Detox is in Wilmington, MA, and is convenient to Rte. 128, I93, and I95. We are less than 30 minutes from Lawrence, Methuen, Southern New Hampshire, and less than 20 miles from Boston and Logan Airport.

Rapid Intake Program Offering

Concierge-Level Intake Support

Mayflower Detox created the innovative Rapid Intake Program to get patients and their families the help they need quickly and easily

Quick, 90 second insurance verification

Complete our simple insurance intake verification form and an intake staff will ……


We know that every second counts

When a person is in need of detox services, there is no time to waste. Our experience in addiction treatment has shown that the fear of red-tape often scares people away from getting the help when they need it most