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Fentanyl withdrawals are a painful, dangerous process.

Reach out to Mayflower Fentanyl Detox in MA so our world-class professionals can help with medically assisted fentanyl detox in MA.

Despite making gains against the opioid epidemic in 2017 and 2018, America is currently facing the worst wave of overdose deaths in our history. The culprit for this is illicit fentanyl, an extremely strong opioid that’s as much as 100 times more potent than similar drugs. Due to its strength, medical professionals rarely use it for purposes outside of surgery or treating cancer patients.

However, illegally manufactured fentanyl has become increasingly common, and dealers will often lace other drugs with it. The potency of fentanyl makes it extremely easy for a person to slide into addiction, and even using slightly more than intended can cause a fatal overdose. With fentanyl-driven overdose deaths claiming thousands of Americans every year, we believe that more needs to be done. At Mayflower Fentanyl Detox in MA, we strive to educate people about addiction and are here to make the transition to sobriety as smooth and painless as possible. Furthermore, we’re implementing the latest techniques used in medically assisted treatment help people take back their lives from fentanyl addiction.

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Addiction to prescription drugs is a life-threatening condition. Withdrawal symptoms can be deadly. Rehab provides a safe place for prescription drug detox in MA.


Anytime that a patient uses prescription medication in a way not prescribed by a doctor, it’s drug abuse. If you or a loved one are suffering from addiction to a prescription drug, know that you are not alone. In 2019, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health estimated that almost 1.5 million adults suffered from pain reliever abuse disorder. Painkillers, stimulants, and sedatives are the most abused substances besides marijuana and alcohol. An estimated 52 million people have taken prescription drugs for a nonmedical reason at least once. Prescription drugs are a scientific miracle, designed to make patients’ lives easier. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that they don’t also cause harm. The perception that any drug prescribed by a medical professional is always safe to use, even incorrectly, perpetuates the cycle of abuse. Though they are legal, it does not make them any less addictive.

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What to Know About Fentanyl Addiction in MA

Fentanyl is an opioid painkiller that works similarly to other opioids, such as morphine and heroin. However, the intensity of the drug and the way that drug dealers abuse it to foster addiction, make it an even greater threat to public health. In the battle against fentanyl addiction, the most powerful resource we can all share is knowledge.

How Fentanyl Addiction Works

People who are addicted to fentanyl aren’t simply seeking pleasurable experiences; repeat fentanyl exposure changes the way the brain works on a physiological level. It hijacks neuroreceptors in the brain that control sensations of pain and pleasure, as the brain gradually accommodates for the absence of the drug.

Once a person becomes addicted, their brain does not produce the compounds that normally regulate these neuroreceptors and they become entirely dependent on fentanyl. In this state, using the drug doesn’t necessarily do much more than enable normal brain function.

How People Become Addicted to Fentanyl

Many people who have witnessed the suffering caused by addiction, often return to the idea that addiction was the person’s choice. However, people growing addicted to opioids through no choice of their own is the foundation of the opioid crisis. Doctors began prescribing opioid painkillers more liberally after the 1990s due to inaccurate studies that the medical establishment published, and this drove a wave of addiction. Fentanyl is even the basis for some popular drugs, such as Sublimaze®. Actiq® and Duragesic®.

Furthermore, authorities have tied many fentanyl overdoses around the country to drug dealers lacing other, weaker drugs with the compound in a deliberate attempt to foster addiction.

Even if a person makes the mistake of abusing fentanyl, they still deserve compassion. Anyone who’s ever been addicted to this drug will surely tell you that no one wants to be an addict. However, the effect that opioids have on the brain makes it extremely hard to get sober. In less than a day, the absence of the drug in a dependent brain brings the onset of an extremely painful period of withdrawals.

The Process of Fentanyl Detox and Withdrawals

Without fentanyl, the addicted brain will be unable to regulate sensations of pain, pleasure, and normal bodily function for up to a month. During this stage, the intensity of fentanyl withdrawals can cause severe fatigue, muscle aches, uncontrollable sweating, and more. Left untreated it’s even possible for hallucinations, heart palpitations, and anxiety attacks to occur. During this potentially month-long state of agony, all that a person knows is that relapsing can give them some respite from the pain. However, this relapse often leads to a fatal overdose. Making sure that you get clean safely and successfully starts with reaching out to medical professionals for fentanyl detox services in MA.


Mayflower Fentanyl Detox and Residential Rehab in MA

Attempting to beat fentanyl withdrawals on your own is extremely painful and dangerous. It’s important to give yourself the best shot at success by reaching out for the care, supervision, and guidance needed to make the withdrawal symptoms manageable. The core of our program is the use of Suboxone for medically assisted fentanyl detox; this is a special opioid drug used for treating addictions. By administering it in a slow, controlled fashion, the brain escapes the shock of quitting all at once and has time to adjust.

Besides our world-class fentanyl residential rehab program in MA, we also pay special attention to the other needs of those in recovery. We provide therapy, guidance, and a beautiful facility to help people find peace during the hard period of recovery. Enrolling in our program is a smooth, painless process that will help anyone feel at ease as they begin their journey to free themselves from drug addiction.

Fentanyl addiction is extremely dangerous, and this drug is the driving force behind increasing opioid overdose deaths. Anyone who’s tried to get sober knows how hard it is to get through withdrawals, and that’s why you shouldn’t go through it alone. If you struggle with fentanyl addiction or if you’re planning an intervention for a fentanyl-addicted loved one, we can help make the process easier. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.


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Detox for drugs in MA | Detox for alcohol in MA | Residential drug and alcohol detox in MA | Mayflower Recovery in Wilmington, MA

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