Our Story

A World-Class Detox Facility Located Conveniently In Wilmington, MA

We asked

“What could the best detox in MA look like?”

This was the driving question behind the creation of Mayflower Detox in Wilmington, MA. The Mayflower addiction treatment team has years of experience and has pioneered some of the most innovative, well-respected, and successful substance use disorder programs designed to help clients through the treatment and sober living stages of today’s addiction challenges.

In our work with clients who are further along in their addiction recovery journey, one common theme always stood out – the need for the medical detoxification stage of their recovery to “catch up” with modern times.

From the detox treatment protocol to the facilities and amenities, detoxes in MA seemed “stuck in the past,” particularly when compared to some of the more progressive drug and alcohol rehab, addiction treatment, and sober living facilities.

A Detox and Inpatient Rehab in MA to Help You Through Your Toughest Times

We understand that detox will likely be the hardest challenge many of our patients will face as they move toward sobriety and have made it our mission to build a world-class facility that will be close to home yet far from the average detox.

Every detail has been thought through and every decision intentional. We have one purpose in mind – to create a safe, comfortable, and private space that cuts no corners as you work through your addiction challenges.

Start Your Detox Journey in Massachusetts Today

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We can handle everything from admission to the paperwork for insurance billing. Click here to talk to one of our intake counselors today.