What to Expect in a Massachusetts Detox Facility

Understanding the Massachusetts Detox Experience

For people who have decided that they want to live a sober life, free from drugs and alcohol, detoxification (“detox”) is an essential first step. The detox process is different for everyone, but the ultimate goal remains the same – ridding the body of toxic substances so you can be free to pursue your recovery from addiction in MA.

In addition to the type of substance (or substances) that a patient has been using, various other factors can influence the duration of detox in MA and the symptoms that patients experience. Your age, overall health, experience with detox, and length of time addicted to drugs and alcohol can impact the time and severity of your detox stay in MA and the withdrawal symptoms you may experience.

Drug and alcohol Detox in MA | Residential addiction treatment inMA | Mayflower detox in Wilmington, MA
Detox for drugs in MA | Detox for alcohol in MA | Residential drug and alcohol detox in MA | Mayflower Recovery in Wilmington, MA

Individualized Detox Treatment Plans in MA

Our experienced and compassionate team will conduct a thorough exam of your physical, mental, and psychological condition during your intake and will design an individualized plan of care specifically for you.

At Mayflower Detox in MA, we strive to make our patients’ detox experience as safe and comfortable as possible. Our experienced medical team of doctors, nurses, and addiction professionals will monitor your progress based on your personalized treatment plan.

Acute Treatment Services in Massachusetts (ATS Detox in MA)

During the ATS phase of detox in MA, qualified medical professionals are available to provide medicine to help reduce the symptoms of withdrawal. They are also trained to recognize and manage medical emergencies that may occur due to withdrawal symptoms or co-occurring conditions.

The environment at Mayflower Detox in MA has been professionally designed to provide a serene, discrete, and comfortable place to stay during your detox. From modern, comfortable furniture to premium bedding and flat-screen TVs in each room, the amenities and guest rooms at Mayflower are as high-quality as the staff.

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Withdrawal Symptoms during ATS Detox in MA

When you enter ATS Detox in MA your body begins to get rid of the toxic substances (“detoxing”). You will undoubtedly experience some withdrawal symptoms early on. Your brain, body, and central nervous system have become dependent on these substances over a long time. Removing them over a short period of time will have negative consequences.

Withdrawal Symptoms vary for each person, but there are common symptoms associated with the detoxification process. This is why it is critical to have a professional, licensed staff monitor and oversee this vital part of your recovery process.  Common withdrawal symptoms include:


  • Digestive issues
  • Anxiety
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Excessive sweating
  • Depression
  • Tremors
  • Confusion
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Mood swings
  • Muscle pain

CSS Residential Rehab for Drugs and Alcohol in Massachusetts

CSS Residential Treatment in MA Provides Stability and a Foundation for Future Recovery.

Following ATS Detox in MA, your Inpatient Residential Treatment Clinical Stabilization Services (CSS) in MA begins. With your body now reducing the symptoms of withdrawal, you can now focus on your physical, mental, and psychological wellness as you prepare for the next steps on your journey of recovery from addiction.

During Residential treatment at Mayflower Recovery in MA, the Mayflower team of medical professionals, clinicians, therapists, and counselors will provide a safe and very structured environment for you to continue your detox program in MA.

Your individualized residential addiction treatment plan will consist of educational programs, counseling, and variety of group and individual therapy. During this time, your team will work with you to develop an aftercare plan and help you transition between detox and rehabilitation programs in Massachusetts.

A Mayflower Detox Residential treatment program typically lasts about two weeks but can be longer or shorter based on the patient’s individualized care plan.

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