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Learn about the synthetic, designer drugs that are contributing to the overdose crisis and how it’s possible to get clean after becoming addicted to them.

Ever since the opioid epidemic took off in the 90s, advocacy groups have been working to raise awareness and push for policies to combat the crisis. Decades of hard work began to bear fruit in the 2010s, but then shocking increases in overdose rates reversed these gains. The culprit? Synthetic drugs, also known as designer drugs. However, synthetic opioids are only one of many synthetic drugs that contribute to America’s tens of thousands of drug fatalities. Nonetheless, there’s still hope in the form of evidence-based addiction policy and synthetic drug detox.

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Synthetic Drug Detox in MA and Withdrawal Effects

Synthetic drugs are a broad category that covers virtually every major type of drugs, such as opioids and stimulants. However, dangerous, erratic synthetic marijuana is also becoming increasingly prominent. It’s often possible to buy it at gas stations or novelty stores due to the fact these drugs are often technically legal. The reason for this legal ambiguity is the fact that when regulations ban the toxic chemicals involved in producing them, producers simply switch to different chemical compositions. This also contributes to the danger of the drugs, as their makeup, strength, and effects are often inconsistent.

Fentanyl Detox in MA

Doctors prescribe legal fentanyl, an extremely powerful opioid to treat severe chronic pain and improve quality of life for those with terminal cancer. However, illicit fentanyl has become increasingly common on American streets in recent years. It’s as much as 100 times more powerful than conventional opioids, which means that the slightest error in dosage can easily be fatal.

While fentanyl initially produces a sense of euphoria, repeated usage causes the brain to stop producing the compounds that regulate pleasure, pain, and other sensations. Eventually, a person who uses fentanyl will start needing to take it just to allow their brain to function normally. If they stop using it abruptly, they experience agonizing withdrawals due to the absence of serotonin and other neuroreceptors. 

Bath Salts Detox in MA

Bath salts are a synthetic stimulant that works similarly to meth and cocaine by producing feelings of euphoria and excitement. Sustained usage creates a state of chemical dependency, much like other synthetic drugs. When someone attempts to quit bath salts all at once, it can bring about a sense of unbearable depression and fatigue. 

K2/Spice Detox in MA

With the growing popularity of recreational and medicinal marijuana, synthetic marijuana drugs such as K2 and Spice have become increasingly widespread. Rather than being hemp or cannabis, the producer mixes plant materials with a variety of industrial chemicals to create something that interfaces with the same neuroreceptors as cannabis. However, the effects are wildly unpredictable and medical authorities have linked synthetic marijuana to many deaths. Synthetic cannabis is often much stronger and more unstable than THC, CBD, and the other active compounds in cannabis, which contribute to the danger of these drugs. 


Mayflower Synthetic Drug Detox in MA Approach to Rehab

Synthetic drugs are easily available, highly addictive, and some of the most dangerous drugs currently on the street. Their potency that they frequently makes them particularly hard to quit, and it’s often dangerous to try detoxing alone. A large share of overdoses occurs when a person commits to quitting and gets the drug out of the system, only to return to drug abuse to escape the agony of withdrawals. At Mayflower Synthetic Drug Detox in MA, our remedy to this problem is medically assisted synthetic drug detox.

Medically Assisted Synthetic Drug Detox

When we admit a patient to our care, they stay in our comfort-oriented medical facility for the duration of the time it takes to detox. During the process of detoxing, we ease the symptoms of withdrawals by providing small, controlled doses of similar drugs to ease the brain back into proper function. This also serves to reduce the severity of post-withdrawal symptoms, and it’s proven to increase rates of successful recovery.

Holistic Detox Care in MA

At Mayflower Holistic Detox in MA, we don’t just work to get the drugs out of a person’s system and then send them back to the street. Addiction is almost always a response to other problems, such as childhood trauma and sexual abuse. When a patient is in our care, we provide them with psychiatric resources that can help them work through their problems and start recovery on the right foot. Another key element of our care philosophy is respecting the dignity and comfort of those in our care. No one is going to judge our patients for their addiction, and everyone who works at Mayflower Detox is compassionate about fighting the drug abuse epidemic.



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Mayflower Detox is an inpatient care facility that focuses on and rehab. However, staying clean is a lifelong struggle and everyone needs a little more help now and then. Therefore, we’ve constructed a network of post-rehab care referrals that can help each patient thrive long after they leave our doors.

Mayflower Detox is one of the top providers of inpatient synthetic drug detox. We understand the danger of these drugs and the human cost of addiction, which is why we’re dedicated to providing the best care possible. If you’re trying to get clean or are planning an intervention for an addicted loved one, call Mayflower Detox to receive the help you need.

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