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Mayflower Oxycontin Detox in MA offers evidence-based intervention to help stop the downward spiral experienced by individuals addicted to Oxycontin and other opioids.

Mayflower Oxycontin Detox in MA Understands How Addiction Works

Individuals addicted to Oxycontin in MA, or other opioids often get there because of taking medication prescribed for pain relief. After surgery, some patients take Oxycontin for intense and acute pain. Others take Oxycontin for chronic pain that over-the-counter medicines cannot relieve.

Oxycontin addiction can happen without the user realizing it, sometimes within a couple of weeks. When prescribed for temporary pain or short-term pain relief, Oxycontin is usually safe. However, in addition to relieving pain in some people, Oxycontin, like other opioids, provides a feeling of euphoria or pleasure. As a result, some people desire more of the drug. Eventually, the dosage of Oxycontin that a doctor prescribes ceases to provide the pleasurable effects that the patient once enjoyed. As a result, they take more than the recommended amount of the drug to get high.

When a doctor refuses to prescribe additional Oxycontin, patients who are intent on getting it will find a way, even if it means getting a street version. It is not unusual for individuals to pretend to be in pain to persuade a different health care provider to prescribe more Oxycontin. Some will go to extreme lengths, such as faking pain and calling an ambulance or having someone take them to the emergency room in hopes of being prescribed opioids. People who can no longer get Oxycontin may experience unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. To prevent this downward spiral, people who are addicted to opioids, like Oxycontin, benefit from the types of intervention offered by Mayflower Oxycontin Detox in MA.

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At Mayflower Oxycontin Detox in MA, Treatment for Oxycontin Addiction Begins with Intake

Individuals dealing with Oxycontin addiction in MA will find that the intake process at Mayflower Oxycontin Detox in MA is the starting point for getting them on the road to recovery. The skilled intake staff will ask questions that can help set the stage for treatment. For some people, even though they are ready to get help, checking into a drug rehab facility can be an unsettling experience. The intake experts at Mayflower Oxycontin Detox in MA know this, and they will go the extra mile to ensure that patients feel comfortable.


Mayflower Oxycontin Detox in MA: A Safe Place to Recover and Deal with Withdrawal Symptoms

When individuals check into drug and alcohol rehab in MA, the last thing they want to worry about is their well-being. They benefit from an environment that is uplifting rather than cold and drab. Patients who choose Mayflower Oxycontin Detox in MA will find a clean, modern facility with the comforts of home. Withdrawal from Oxycontin can be a challenge. Symptoms include agitation, anxiety, insomnia, muscle aches, abdominal cramps, diarrhea, dilated pupils, nausea, and vomiting. The beautiful, relaxed atmosphere promotes well-being, allowing patients to focus on recovery. Healthy and delicious meals help a body battered by Oxycontin misuse to heal. Mayflower Oxycontin Detox in MA is the premier Oxycontin detox facility in New England and is staffed by world-class professionals.

Mayflower Oxycontin Detox in MA Offers Medically Assisted Oxycontin Detox

It can be a challenge to stop using Oxycontin without medication to address cravings and withdrawal symptoms. For that reason, Mayflower Oxycontin Detox in MA has a protocol for medically assisted Oxycontin detox available in Massachusetts. The medical professionals will evaluate a patient’s substance use history, health, and other factors to determine which medicine to prescribe during an Oxycontin detox in MA. Medically assisted Oxycontin detox is an evidence-based practice that has helped many patients. Medications used to treat opioid disorders include methadone, buprenorphine, naltrexone.

Methadone works by reducing withdrawal symptoms and cravings. Buprenorphine helps individuals addicted to opioids by relieving cravings but does not provide a high or euphoric experience like opioid drugs. Doctors prescribe both medications to facilitate an individual’s recovery from opioid addiction. They control cravings, and doctors can prescribe them for maintenance. Naltrexone works by blocking the effects of Oxycontin, such as pain relief and euphoria. It can help prevent relapse, keeping addicted individuals from craving the drug. With therapy and social support, these medications can help individuals transition to a life of sobriety.

Group and Individual Therapies Help Patients Work Through Issues

Taking an honest look at one’s actions is part of being accountable. Even with medically assisted Oxycontin detox in MA, no person addicted to drugs can expect to overcome addiction without admitting the problem and taking responsibility. There may be circumstances that contribute to substance misuse, but the individual must work on those challenges. Individual and group therapy can help patients take an honest look at how they got to the point of Oxycontin abuse. Counseling and therapy sessions provide an opportunity for sharing thoughts, fears, and aspirations without the worry of being blamed or mocked. During group therapy, individuals see that they are not alone in their struggles and can gain insight from their peers’ experiences. Takeaways from individual and group therapy include learning how to set goals and finding ways to handle situations that trigger substance misuse.

Mayflower Oxycontin Detox Connects Discharged Patients with Aftercare Resources

Aftercare planning for individuals recovering from Oxycontin addiction in MA may include medications to reduce the cravings associated with opioid addiction. Staff work with discharged patients to connect them with medical resources when they need to remain on medication after discharge. Supportive services such as counseling, group therapy, and peer support groups are part of the discharge plan. Staff also refers patients for transitional services such as housing and public assistance.

Getting past oxycontin addiction requires intervention and work, but it is possible with the proper treatment and support. Mayflower Oxycontin Detox in MA offers the programs that individuals addicted to Oxycontin need to recover. If you or someone you know can benefit from Oxycontin detox, call Mayflower Oxycontin Detox today, and make an appointment to speak with one of the intake staff.

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