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Alcoholism is one of the biggest public health problems in America and a leading cause of premature death in Worcester, Massachusetts. Get help today.

Excessive drinking is probably the most normalized self-destructive behavior in American culture. From making a joke of it in television shows to casual binge drinking on the weekends, it’s a serious problem that often isn’t taken seriously. It can be hard to admit you have a problem with drinking and even harder to figure out what to do next, but that’s why we’re here. Mayflower Detox offers citizens of Worcester, Massachusetts, an accessible, compassionate, and supportive resource for alcohol detox and rehab. 

Understanding Alcoholism in Worcester, MA

Tens of millions of American adults engage in frequent binge drinking, and this sort of behavior makes it easy to begin a debilitating slide into alcoholism. This is because alcohol can seem like an easy, accessible comfort when a person lacks other ways to cope with loss, stress, or financial hardship. As the recent economic downturn has put many people out of a job and cut us off from our normal support network, alcoholism is an increasingly severe problem. While it’s easy to think poorly of people who suffer from alcoholism, the truth is that they need help. 

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Risks of Alcohol Abuse

Worcester, Massachusetts, and other New England towns never go too long without a tragic story surrounding drunk driving fatalities. However, increased odds of dangerous, risky behaviors are only one of the problems with alcohol abuse. 

In the long-term, excessive drinking damages many organs such as your liver and brain, with the potential to harm your cognitive function and cause permanent ailments that cut decades off of your life expectancy. However, one of the greatest risks is developing an addiction to alcohol, which will make it extremely hard to quit even once you know the risks. 

How Alcohol Addiction Affects the Nervous System 

Anyone who’s done a bit of drinking knows that the effects of alcohol become dulled the more you drink. While this isn’t harmful at a normal level of drinking, it becomes hazardous as you drink more heavily. It creates a loop where your body increases nervous system activity to counter the depressant effects of alcohol, which leads a person to drink more to achieve the same effect. If you try to stop, you may experience distressing and serious withdrawal symptoms.

Seizures and hallucinations are common side-effects of severe alcoholism, and death isn’t unheard of either. Trying to quit drinking on your own is risky and it’s best to seek professional care once you’ve decided it’s time to get better. 

Alcohol Rehab Worcester, Massachusetts

Recovery is hard, and it doesn’t stop once you’ve detoxed either. Staying clean is a lifelong journey, but you can make the first step easier with Mayflower Detox. We have an excellent, new facility and medical experts waiting to help you overcome alcoholism.

Professionally Supervised Detox 

Alcohol withdrawals can occasionally be dangerous in and of themselves, but they’re always scary and painful. As such, medical supervision during the detox process makes a real difference by providing patients with the knowledge they’re being cared for. Our expert staff will jump at the first sign of complications and keep patients stable with whatever care is needed. 

An Emphasis on Patient Comfort 

Addiction is a disease, but it’s also psychological. Having the right mindset and rebuilding your self-image is important because this is what enables you to believe that you deserve to be better. At Mayflower Detox, we foster this healthy mindset by treating you with respect and dignity at every turn. Every member of our staff is understanding and supportive surrounding the struggle of addiction, and we maintain a clean, beautiful, and comfortable facility for you to live in during your stay with us. 

Our processes also reflect this emphasis on dignity and personalized care. Once you enroll in our program, you’ll be impressed by how quick and efficient our intake process is. From there, we’ll use what we know about you to craft a personalized treatment plan. 

Post-Treatment Referrals

Mayflower Detox provides people from Worcester, Massachusetts and other local towns with short-term detox and inpatient rehab care. However, we understand that it takes long-term support to stay clean, and we want our patients to succeed. As such, we provide every graduate of our program with a comprehensive set of resources for sober living homes, outpatient counseling, and other resources to help them achieve lasting sobriety. 

At Mayflower Detox, we’re committed to helping people overcome alcoholism and reclaim their lives. If you or a loved one struggle with alcohol abuse, reach out to us today and learn more about how we can help.

Straightforward Intake Process

When you’re seeking rehab services for alcoholism for yourself or a family member, you want to access support and treatment as quickly and easily as possible. Mayflower Detox offers a straightforward intake process to reduce stress and allow you to focus on recovery. The compassionate Mayflower Detox team will help you navigate your treatment options and talk you through every step of the intake process.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Mayflower Detox serves patients at a modern facility with beautiful surroundings, boasting every modern convenience and comfort. The facilities include beds for Acute Treatment Services (ATS) and Clinical Stabilization Services (CSS) to support and care for patients at every stage of the alcohol rehab process.

Outstanding After-care

Alcohol detox or rehab treatment doesn’t end when you leave Mayflower Detox. Our practitioners recognize that high-quality aftercare is essential to help you apply what you’ve learned once your treatment is complete.

After program completion, you will receive ongoing support and aftercare referrals to give you the tools you need to remain alcohol-free and maintain good physical and mental health. Our aim is that you’ll leave the facility feeling confident, prepared, and able to access further help from experts whenever you need it.

Get Help Now

With the right support, you can recover from alcohol addiction and enjoy improved relationships, health, and quality of life. The world-class practitioners at Mayflower Detox near Lowell, Massachusetts, are ready to help you start your journey to sobriety. Call today to find out more about treatment options and arrange alcohol detox support from our team of experts.

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