ATS Detox Services

Medically Monitored Detox Customized to Provide Support, Safety, and Comfort During the Initial Stages of Detox

Mayflower Detox offers Acute Treatment Services (Detox) for patients who initially enter our program. From the moment you step through the doors in our brand-new Wilmington, MA detox facility, our clinical and professional team strives to provide a safe, comfortable experience. We work with you to custom-design your treatment experience to help you begin to take your life back from the grips of addiction.

Your Detox team consists of experienced and compassionate physicians, psychiatrists, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and other addiction professionals who work in tandem 

professionals who work in tandem with your case manager to establish a treatment plan customized for your specific needs and challenges. 

Medical monitoring during detox is critical because the symptoms of withdrawal from certain drugs or alcohol can be dangerous and even life-threatening. Your Mayflower Detox team is there to monitor, evaluate and provide support – and the appropriate medication – 24 hours a day. They help you stay on track during this challenging yet critical first stage of your recovery.

ATS Detox in MA is a

Safe and Effective Way to Begin Your Recovery Journey​​

ATS Detox takes place in our brand-new purpose-built inpatient facility that provides well-appointed rooms and numerous amenities to make you as comfortable as possible. The Mayflower Detox clinical team is comprised of experienced and compassionate medical professionals who provide around-the-clock evaluation and management of your withdrawal symptoms.

In addition to our clinical team, our counselors and case managers will work with clients to develop a customized treatment plan and find services to guide them through the next phase of treatment and recovery.

Managing Withdrawal Symptoms for Opioids and Other Drugs

The increase in opioid and opiate addiction over the past decade has provided our clinical team with significant experience dealing with the symptoms of withdrawal from prescription pain medications, heroin, and synthetic opioids like Fentanyl.

We recognize that there is a difference between the detox symptoms from opioids, cocaine, meth, and benzos, which will impact each person differently. Our team of addiction specialists will help you create a plan of care to help you safely detox from a variety of drugs, including:


Managing Withdrawal Symptoms from Alcohol

While drug dependency withdrawal symptoms are a significant challenge, detoxifying from alcohol and benzodiazepines comes with dangerous, potentially deadly withdrawal symptoms.

Medically monitored detoxification from alcohol helps to ensure that patients manage the physical symptoms of discontinuing alcohol in a safe, comfortable environment.  

Getting into ATS Medically Monitored Detox Today

Do you, or someone you love, need to get into a detox program in Massachusetts? There is no time to wait. Call Mayflower today at 978-737-7937. Our Rapid Intake specialists make it simple. We offer concierge-level intake support. All you need to do is make a phone call or click here to get started now.