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Learn about oxycodone detox in MA and how a medical professional can help you safely navigate the process. With the right support, you can overcome your addiction.

Oxycodone is a powerful painkiller commonly known as the active ingredient in OxyContin and Percocet. It is classified as an opioid, which is a compound that closely resembles opium in terms of addictive properties and psychological effects. Research suggests that oxycodone is one of the most commonly abused prescription drugs in the United States, making it a large contributor to the growing opioid addiction crisis across the country.

Oxycodone can be highly addictive as it has such a powerful effect on the mind and body. Once a person develops a dependence on the drug Oxycodone, it can lead to severe consequences in every area of their life. Going through Oxycodone withdrawal is also an extremely painful process for oxycodone users, and some of the side effects can be dangerous or even life-threatening.

Fortunately, opting for medically assisted oxycodone detox in MA at a residential rehab facility in MA can help alleviate the severity of symptoms. It also allows patients to recover in a safe and secure environment. Here’s everything you need to know about oxycodone detox in MA and how you or a loved one can receive the treatment you need.

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Oxycodone: The Facts

Oxycodone is found in many common types of prescription painkillers. It is typically used as a remedy for moderate to severe pain, and it comes in a wide range of sizes, shapes and colors. The most well-known prescription drugs that contain oxycodone as the active ingredient are OxyContin, Percocet and Roxicodone.

Oxycodone helps reduce the body’s response to pain and is often prescribed to treat chronic pain. The drug also alters dopamine levels in your brain, which can create feelings of extreme pleasure and euphoria. Oxycodone has shown a lot of promise in terms of treating cancer, arthritis and a variety of other physical disorders. In some cases, this drug can be prescribed on a short-term basis to provide relief after surgery or trauma.

There are numerous side effects associated with oxycodone use. Some of the most common effects include the following:

  • Diminished anxiety
  • Euphoria
  • Relaxation
  • Drowsiness
  • Dizziness
  • Tranquility
  • Confidence

Many of these pleasurable effects encourage a person to continue using oxycodone, causing their drug abuse to quickly develop into a full-blown addiction. It’s crucial to be aware of these dangerous side effects so that you can seek the help you need and rise above your addiction.


The Withdrawal Process from Oxycodone

When an oxycodone user abruptly stops taking the drug, their body normally responds with painful and uncomfortable symptoms. The symptoms of oxycodone detox vary widely in terms of severity, and many of them can crop up at different points in the withdrawal process.

Some of the most well-known symptoms of oxycodone withdrawal include agitation, irritability, depression, anxiety, insomnia, diarrhea, sweating, high blood pressure, headaches and difficulty concentrating. In some situations, withdrawing from oxycodone can even trigger thoughts of suicide.

These effects may be especially pronounced in individuals who struggle with co-occurring disorders, such as anxiety, depression and bipolar disorder. Because the brain has come to rely on oxycodone’s presence, interrupting the usage of this drug can be hazardous in many cases. As a result, it’s best to consult the help of a medical professional to ensure that you’re properly monitored during the entire oxycodone detox process.

What Is Medically Assisted Oxycodone Detox in MA?

Many rehab treatment programs offer medically assisted oxycodone detox in MA. Every detox program is different, but there are several key qualities that most intervention sessions have in common.

Before beginning an Oxycodone detox in MA, many rehab centers require patients to go through a comprehensive assessment. The purpose of this assessment is to allow staff members to evaluate a patient’s addiction, giving them the tools they need to design a customized treatment plan. During this stage, medical experts will also closely examine each patient to assess their mental and physical state.

Once this stage of the process is complete, the Oxycodone detox in MA can officially begin. Patients can normally expect to be in close contact with skilled therapists and clinicians. These professionals are there to help manage the severity of patients’ symptoms. Some individuals may also be prescribed medication to reduce the severity of their withdrawal symptoms. This is a decision that is made after evaluating the types of substances a patient has abused and how severe their addiction is.

Another essential aspect of oxycodone detox in MA is therapy. Many Oxycodone detox programs in MA offer a combination of individual and group therapy sessions. The main goal of these sessions is to encourage patients to get to the root of their addiction.

At the same time, they serve as a healthy outlet to keep patients’ minds occupied as they battle withdrawal symptoms. In addition, group therapy provides patients with the unique opportunity to connect with others who are experiencing the same struggles as them.


Take the First Step Toward Oxycodone Recovery

At Mayflower Oxycodone Detox in MA, we provide comprehensive oxycodone detox treatment to guide patients along the road to opioid addiction recovery. As New England’s premier detox and rehab center for individuals struggling with addiction, we pride ourselves in offering high-quality treatment, compassionate care, stellar communication and state-of-the-art facilities. Contact us today to learn more about the various treatment options that we offer.

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