Why Detox in MA?

The Journey of Recovery from Addiction Begins with Detox and Inpatient Rehab in MA.

Drug and alcohol detox in MA is a critical first step in your substance abuse rehab program. It is designed to help you break free from the toxic grip of addiction to drugs and alcohol. Most drug and alcohol rehab programs in MA  require patients to complete a detox program before they can participate. There are sound clinical and practical reasons for requiring a patient to be free from drugs or alcohol before taking the next step in their addiction recovery journey in Massachusetts.

Medically Monitored Detox in MA is Safer

First and foremost, it is much safer to undergo detox in MA in a medically monitored facility like Mayflower Detox. While it is possible for some people to successfully stop using drugs or alcohol on their own, a Medically Monitored ATS Detox program in MA can prevent fatal side effects and reduce the intensity of severe withdrawal symptoms.

A Detox in MA Helps Patients Maintain Focus on Their Recovery

Another reason that completing detox in MA is important is that it can help patients maintain focus during their drug and alcohol residential rehab in MA and get the most out of their addiction therapy and addiction treatment programs. Working through addiction recovery is a challenging process for anyone, however, the chances of relapse are significantly higher for someone stuck in the grip of withdrawal symptoms.

A Detox Can Identify and Treat Co-Occurring Disorders

People with substance use disorder in MA often have other co-occurring issues that can be masked by their addiction to drugs and alcohol. Patients with mental health issues such as severe depression or anxiety can be at higher risk for suicide after stopping drug and alcohol use.

The medical and clinical staff at Mayflower Detox in MA is trained to diagnose and treat co-occurring disorders – particularly mental health issues like depression and anxiety. Our team looks for these co-occurring disorders during the initial intake process to our Massachusetts Detox and continues to look for them as they may become more evident once the mask of addiction and withdrawal is removed.

Detox Helps to Re-Wire the Brain

Many drugs, such as opiates, target pleasure receptors in the brain. The reward mechanism that is hardwired into all of us can make it nearly impossible to quit while your brain is still seeking drugs or alcohol. Even if a patient is mentally prepared to tackle recovery from addiction, the cravings for drugs or alcohol while still in withdrawal are a primary reason most fail and relapse.

Medically Monitored Detox and Inpatient Rehab in MA Provides a Safer and More Comfortable Detox Experience

Most experts agree that the most effective environment for detoxification from drugs or alcohol in MA is what is known as “medically monitored detox” (this is also known as ATS Detox in MA). In a medically monitored detox facility in MA, the patient detoxes under the care of medical and mental health professionals who increase both their safety and comfort. Both of these factors have been shown to help increase the chances of a successful recovery.


There are several elements to a medically monitored detox. Some or all of these may be part of your individual treatment plan. These include:

  • Medications to mitigate the risks of severe withdrawal and/or withdrawal complications
  • Nutritional support and physical exercise to promote early recovery.
  • Psychological and behavioral counseling and support.
  • Supervision by a trained clinical team to manage any emergencies that arise.

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