CSS Clinical Stabilization Services in MA

CSS Detox Clinical Stabilization Services (Residential Treatment)

Structure and Support to Help Complete Your Detox Treatment and Prepare to Take the Next Step in Your Rehabilitation Journey

Mayflower Detox offers comprehensive, personalized Clinical Stabilization Services (CSS Detox) in a modern, safe, and comfortable environment. Our residential treatment in MA is here to provide an environment that will allow you more time to heal. 

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Medically Monitored Residential Addiction Treatment in MA Customized to Provide Support, Safety, and Comfort During the On-going Stages of Detox

Clinical Stabilization Services (CSS or Residential Treatment) at Mayflower Detox is an inpatient program designed to bridge the critical gap between the time patients complete their initial detox (ATS detox) and the next steps to sustainable recovery. Once a patient is beyond the most acute initial physical and emotional challenges of withdrawal symptoms, Mayflower Detox’s Residential program combines clinical and medical interventions with therapy and education to provide stability and structure. 

To avoid relapse during this particularly vulnerable time, Mayflower provides: 

  • Clinical interventions and treatment that focus on managing symptoms and developing coping skills and tools to that will prepare them for long-term recovery. 
  • Therapeutic and educational services that help to build a stable foundation for the patient to build their new life in recovery.

Personalized Plan of Care

CSS Detox at Mayflower involves a variety of medical, therapeutic, and educational programming in a stable, safe, and structured residential treatment setting. Every CSS residential treatment program begins with an initial assessment, and our team of experienced physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, and other clinicians, counselors, case managers, and family therapists all work together to create a plan of care that will give you the best chance to succeed.  This team approach helps you focus on your addiction, as well as improving your whole person to better prepare you physically, mentally, and emotionally to continue on your recovery journey

Residential Therapy, Counseling, and Education for Substance Use Disorder in MA

Our residential program is customized, and Mayflower Detox offers various therapy, counseling, and educational services to help in your stabilization and transition process. A typical residential treatment experience will include:


  • Individual Treatment: Including personalized 1-on-1 therapy, ongoing medical and nursing evaluations and services, and substance abuse assessments.
  • Group Therapy: Group settings programs focused on substance abuse, relapse prevention, and life skills.
  • Family Therapy and Programming: Couples and family therapy and educational programs are designed to bring together your closest support structure.
  • Group Workshops: Focusing on motivation, addressing cognitive thinking issues, trigger identification, and relapse prevention.
  • Educational Seminars: Learn about coping skills, mindfulness, family dynamics, wellness, and self-care.

A Safe, Comfortable, and Modern Environment to Continue Your Recovery Journey

The new $12 million Mayflower Detox facility has been explicitly been designed from day one to create an ideal environment to continue your detoxification program. Mayflower Detox offers several amenities for residential treatment, including:


  • Designer-appointed rooms that are serene and tranquil
  • Modern, comfortable furnishing throughout the facility
  • Clean and comfortable beds
  • Flat-screen T.V.s and high-speed wireless Internet (Wifi available in Private Rooms only)
  • 24-hour food service from our restaurant-quality kitchen
  • A group activities room

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