How to Know You Are Ready for Addiction Treatment in Massachusetts

More than 4 million people enter a drug rehab program every year. Alarmingly, this is only about 20% of the total amount of people who need addiction treatment.

Drug rehab can be a difficult program, but can have life-changing results. If you or a loved one struggles with drug addiction, rehab is a great first step in your recovery journey.

What are the signs that one needs addiction treatment in MA? What addiction treatments are available? Why is detoxing from drugs and alcohol essential?

Continue to read to learn more about addiction treatment in Massachusetts.

Drug Addiction Claims Lives

People consume drugs for a variety of different reasons. Whether drugs offer a false sense of peace or provide belonging within a community, people of all ages see drugs as a solution, rather than a problem.

This could not be farther from the truth. Consuming drugs will have lasting physical and mental health consequences. In many cases, persistent drug intake can cause death.

In 2021, over 100,000 people lost their lives due to a drug overdose. Drugs are scary substances and cannot be taken lightly.

The good news is that people who have an addiction have the choice to be proactive and take control of their addiction.

Types of Drug Addiction Treatment

The ultimate goal of any addiction treatment program in Massachusetts is to help an individual stop taking a substance permanently. As one can imagine, this can be a complicated process and requires a lot of effort.

Early in the process of rehab, addicts will receive counseling services. A therapist will discuss their past with them and will try to get to the root of the addiction. Behavioral therapy is offered to help individuals with an addiction see their challenges from a new perspective.

A key part of the recovery process is to retrain one’s thinking. Addicts need to understand the negative effects of their addiction. In essence, they need to create a comfort mechanism to help them say no when thoughts come to mind.

An additional treatment option is prescription medication. Such medication, along with therapy, will help prepare an individual with an addiction for the most important step of all, detoxing.

Detox in Massachusetts

How to Know You Are Ready for Addiction Treatment in MassachusettsDetoxing is the process of eliminating a substance from a person’s body. A core component of detoxing is weening an individual off a substance and ensuring the person does not take the substance for a considerable period of time.

The process of detoxing can cause a lot of different emotions for individuals with an addiction. Once someone does not have access to a certain drug anymore, they will crave it even greater. The more they crave, the more agitated or upset they may become.

One of the most difficult parts of detoxing is the side effects. Without the substance, addicts may feel sick, get headaches, or become nauseous.

Though detoxing is emotionally and physically draining, it is the only way to help an addict recover. Detox side effects are temporary and will pass.

It is important to begin a detox at a professional treatment center. Medical professionals will keep a close eye on the individual seeking treatment and make sure this person receives the help they need.

If you or a loved one is looking for drug rehab in Massachusetts, Mayflower Recovery offers one of the most premium treatment centers in the community.

The Possibility of Relapse

If a detox works well, an individual with an addiction will be off a substance. This is hopefully permanent, but relapses do happen. When a relapse occurs, this does not mean there is no hope.

Like many of the worthwhile things in life, individuals with an addiction will have to try again, be persistent, and not give up. It may take a relapse to completely recover.

Addicts who have a relapse can recheck into a treatment center and receive the treatment they need to complete another detox.

Signs That One Is Ready for Addiction Treatment

Many different signs show that one needs professional addiction treatment. Below, a few are highlighted.

Work and Social Life Takes a Toll

When one’s work or social life becomes compromised due to an addiction, this should be a clear sign that the addiction needs to be addressed.

For example, if a person drinks socially and functions normally, this is nothing to be alarmed by. On the other hand, when an employee becomes an alcoholic and drinks on the job, he puts himself and others in danger. How to Know You Are Ready for Addiction Treatment in Massachusetts

Often, individuals with an addiction have a family or friend circle to rely on. When someone you love and trust notices a problem and brings it to your attention, listen to their concern.

Often, addictions can become so severe that they damage relationships. Family or friends, after attempts to help a loved one, will become frustrated and may even feel unsafe. In turn, they limit their interactions with the individual who has an addiction.

When an addiction strains relationships among family or friends, this is a strong indicator that professional treatment is needed.

Cannot Control Substance Intake Even When Trying

The truth is many addicts do not believe they have an addiction problem. They believe they have control over the substance and that they can stop if they wish. Unfortunately, this is a flawed mentality.

Some individuals with an addiction do try to stop. In most cases, their efforts are minimal.

How to Know You Are Ready for Addiction Treatment in MassachusettsWithin days, they find themselves consuming the substance again. To justify, they will rationalize that they stopped for a period of time and that they need one more fix before they stop for good.

Though some addicts have good intentions, it is hard to stop cold turkey without professional help. If an addict cannot control their intake even when taking measures to do so, this is a sure sign that rehab treatment is necessary.

Lying About Intake

Substance addicts may lie about the number of substances they consume. For example, a family member addresses the individual’s addiction and advises that he/she receives help. To justify the addiction, the addict states that he/she only consumes a little bit of the substance and it is controllable.

If an addict lies to rationalize his or her substance addiction, this is a sign that professional rehab treatment may be the best step forward.

Mayflower Recovery and Addiction Treatment in Massachusetts

Substance abuse has long-term effects that can destroy a person’s health and social life. Fatal overdoses happen every day.

If you or a loved one need addiction treatment in Massachusetts, do not lose hope. There are organizations like Mayflower Recovery that are designed to help you.

Our detox program was developed for your long-term success and well-being. Our team will be with you every step of the way. We provide luxury addiction treatment in the Massachusetts area.

To learn more about our rehab program, please contact us today. How to Know You Are Ready for Addiction Treatment in Massachusetts

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