What Is Good to Bring to Drug Rehab for a Month as a Female?

Loneliness is one of the leading reasons that people suffer from substance abuse problems. Getting drug and alcohol addiction treatment and talking in therapy is a great way to address your personal trauma and experiences…

But, that doesn’t magically solve loneliness. Especially, when you’re staying at a drug rehab in MA. So, how do you combat feelings of loneliness when you’re receiving help?

Just because you’re attending residential addiction treatment in MA that doesn’t mean that you can’t bring your personal belongings. In fact, objects like seasonal clothes, toiletries, sneakers, and gym clothes are all permitted.

Let’s take a look at what you can bring to rehab in MA.

What You Can Bring to Drug Rehab in MA

The first thing on your packing list should be toiletries. Having your own supply of shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, or a hairbrush can help you settle into the new environment. But if you don’t have these don’t worry. At Mayflower Recovery and Detox we can provide you with that if needed.

Although, the staff will check if the products are open so you should keep in mind that they need to be sealed or newly bought. Plus, as a woman, you want to bring enough sanitary towels with you for the month.

Seasonal Clothes

Clothes are equally important to toiletries. In general, when you go through drug detox in MA or alcohol detox in MA the center will ask you to bring a variety of clothes with you.

As temperatures change daily it’s good to bring warm layers as well as cooler tops. Sweating happens frequently during detox so you should prepare for this by bringing lots of clothes to change into.

In addition to casual clothes for wearing during the day, you might also want to pack some exercise leggings or tops. As many rehab centers encourage you to get active during treatment it’s useful to bring exercise wear.

Just don’t forget to bring pajamas too.

Identification Cards

When it comes to the important documents to bring with you to recovery you should carry your insurance and ID cards in your bag. You’ll need these cards to identify yourself upon arrival in order to be checked in.

The rehab facility might also ask for your identification cards for their records so you should have them nearby at all times.


Do you need to take any medications? Then, bring them!

As long as your medications have been prescribed by your doctor then you’ll be able to take into recovery with you. To prove they’ve been given to you by a doctor you need the original label and bottle.

Tell the team at the center about your medications and they’ll take care of the rest for you.

Emergency Numbers

Even though it’s overwhelming for the patient going to drug rehab in MA it’s also a scary time for loved ones and family who care about your recovery. When you arrive the center will ask for your emergency contacts.

This is also helpful for you so you have a note of personal numbers to call throughout the month.

Books or Journal

Without a doubt, rehab is an intense and emotional experience for anyone. One of the best ways to process everything that’s going on around you and your feelings is by keeping a journal.

It’s also important to have books to read during your stay. There will be a lot of activities planned at the center but you might want to have some alone time with a book during your treatment.

Both journaling and reading books can help lower stress levels, reduce anxiety, and help you cope with depression. These are all reasons to bring them with you to treatment.

Other Personal Things

You can also bring other personal items with you to rehabs such as photos, music, or art supplies. As everyone has unique backgrounds and their own stories to tell at rehab it’s essential you have your comfort items.

The center has to provide different relaxing materials but bringing some personal photos will help you feel more connected to family and friends and will give you comfort through the process.

Now, you might be thinking, what can you not bring to rehab?

You Can’t Bring These Things

Here is a list of items that you cannot bring with you to rehab. Even though some of them are common knowledge it’s useful to have them written down so you can look over them before checking in for treatment.

Drugs or Alcohol

The most obvious product that is banned from rehab centers is drugs or alcohol. However, some people will struggle without having them so it’s normal procedure to check belongings before settling in.


Self-harm and addiction are linked so many people suffering from substance abuse are at risk of harming themselves. Therefore, weapons that can harm yourself or others are not allowed in treatment centers.

If you do bring them then they will be taken away.

Food and Drinks

You also won’t be able to bring your favorite snacks and drinks with you. Unfortunately, you’ll have to eat and drink the products in the facility. But, there are numerous options so you’ll find something you like.

Go to Mayflower Detox

Finding the right detox center is the first step in getting the help you need. The Mayflower Detox Center is ideal for people looking to recover from substance abuse and seek treatment.

Take the Next Steps to Recovery Today

Once you’ve packed your things and booked a place at a drug rehab in MA such as the Mayflower Detox Center then you can focus your mind on getting better.

No matter if you’re looking to help a friend or you are searching for help yourself, you’ll be able to talk to the team of staff about any questions you might have.

Getting to know the employees could help you feel at ease and more comfortable before checking in. Reach out today for more details.

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