How We Personalize the Treatment of Substance Use Disorder

In the United States, more than 20 million people suffer from a substance abuse disorder. Addiction to alcohol, prescription drugs, or illicit drugs causes the deterioration of mental and physical health. Unfortunately, only a fraction of people who need treatment for a substance use disorder enroll in addiction treatment programs in MA. Without addiction treatment, addiction is not only likely to be chronic but also a progressive illness. At Mayflower detox and residential addiction treatment in Massachusetts, we personalize every step of the treatment process to ensure that each client gets the support they need to achieve lasting recovery. Our custom approach to care and individual addiction treatment therapy makes us a leader in Massachusetts addiction treatment.

What Are the Benefits of Individual Addiction Treatment Plans in MA?

Personalized addiction treatment in MA addresses an individual’s unique needs and circumstances. One-size-fits-all addiction treatment programs do not, in fact, ‘fit all’ clients’ needs. At Mayflower, we understand how individualized addiction treatment plans can spur recovery and provide a more robust defense against relapse. By enrolling in a personalized addiction treatment program in MA, you can expect to enjoy advantages such as:

Addiction Treatment Is Dynamic

Today, drug rehab and alcohol rehab centers feature many types of addiction treatments. Why? Because not everyone will respond well to every kind of treatment for substance use disorder. Some people find that specific treatment methods work better for them. With individualized addiction treatment plans in MA, clients can focus on those that support their needs best.

Addiction Treatment Addresses Unique Circumstances

Each person who enters an addiction treatment center in MA comes with a different story. People abuse drugs or alcohol for many various reasons. Some people like first responders have chronically stressful occupations that may impact their drug or alcohol use. Other people may have experienced a trauma that leaves them vulnerable to substance abuse. Others may have grown up in a household where drugs or alcohol were abused. At Mayflower detox and residential addiction treatment in Massachusetts, we can provide addiction treatment that addresses each person’s circumstances, helping them develop strategies for coping.

Better Condition Management

Addiction recovery is a process. The recovery journey can last for months–even a year or more. Often, people need more intensive support in the early stages of their recovery process and less support as time goes on. With individualized treatment, clients can get the ideal level of support they need to manage their condition. Mayflower clinicians will also monitor medication; many clients require medication during detox and recovery, but those medication needs will necessarily differ between clients.

Individual Addiction Treatment Plans at Mayflower

Mayflower individualizes addiction treatment right from the start for every client. We base our treatment plans on medically sanctioned therapies to promote lasting recovery and relapse prevention. Our recovery journeys begin with:

Rapid Intake Program for Detox in Massachusetts

At Mayflower, we do our utmost to simplify the enrollment process. When a person enters a drug rehab in Massachusetts and needs to detox from a substance, the last thing they need to be burdened by is a mountain of paperwork, insurance questions, and other obstacles that prevent them from starting their recovery journey. We feature a team of experienced rapid intake coordinators who coordinate the paperwork, logistics, and other logistics associated with the enrollment process.

Detox in MA

Mayflower features experienced clinicians, psychiatrists, therapists, nurses, and support staff who will coordinate each aspect of your care during the detox process. Clinically supervised detox is the safest way to detox from alcohol or drugs. During medical detox, our staff will monitor each person’s experience to ensure that they get customized support to their needs.

Detox will involve withdrawal symptoms that may begin relatively mild. However, these symptoms can progress rapidly in severity. At Mayflower Detox and Residential Addiction Treatment Program, our doctors can treat each symptom as needed to reduce the discomfort they cause. This is extremely important because untreated withdrawal symptoms can become so severe that they could trigger a medical emergency such as seizures, dehydration, or even heart rhythm irregularities. No one should attempt to quit cold turkey and detox alone.

Our medical care team will treat individual symptoms as they arise. Nausea, vomiting, headache, depression, anxiety, insomnia–these are just a few of the withdrawal symptoms that our addiction specialists can treat.

The detox process varies for individuals. While many people complete detox in about a week, others may require less or longer time. Again, this is why individualized care is so critical. Mayflower clinicians provide each person’s support and care to complete their detox process.

Individualized Addiction Therapy in Massachusetts

Mayflower features high-quality addiction treatment in MA. Once clients have completed detox, they can begin the next phase of therapy. Remember, detox only targets the physical aspect of substance addiction. Drug and alcohol addiction also involves powerful psychological and behavioral elements that are often responsible for relapse.

Therefore, post-detox treatment addresses those psychological and behavioral aspects to help individuals identify what unhealthy thought patterns and behaviors contributed to their substance abuse disorder and then develop strategies to manage those triggers. With a personalized approach to recovery, therapists help clients process and address their own unique circumstances. Each person has individual triggers that have compelled them to abuse drugs or alcohol. With customized treatment, clients spend time focusing on managing those triggers so that when they transition back to their everyday lives, they can manage them successfully.

Addiction Treatment at Mayflower

If you live with an addiction to alcohol, illicit drugs, or prescription drugs, you can get the personalized support you need to put your addiction behind you. Although recovery is a process that takes time, the support you receive at Mayflower can help you achieve last recovery. Don’t wait to get drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Contact Mayflower Detox and Residential Addiction Treatment to learn about our rapid intake program and begin your recovery journey right away. The sooner you end your dependence on drugs or alcohol, the sooner you can heal your health and spirit.

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