Ohio Drugs and Alcohol Rehab Centers: Your Best Option?

Today, more than 22 million people in the country are living with substance use disorders.

In Ohio, addictions to illicit drugs, prescription drugs, and alcohol have led to health emergencies like overdose and even fatalities. All too often, a person addicted to alcohol or drugs believes they can control their substance abuse problem, but reality demonstrates that they can’t. The best way to manage a drug or alcohol addiction is at an Ohio addiction treatment center, where clients can get individualized support and the professional help they need to manage their addiction successfully. Mayflower Detox offers a world-class drug and alcohol addiction treatment center for clients who need to put substance addiction behind them.


Why Do You Need Ohio Addiction Treatment?

Ohio Drugs and Alcohol Rehab Centers: What Is Your Best Option?Substance use and drug and alcohol addiction are chronic health conditions. Like other health conditions, substance addiction is best treated by healthcare professionals specializing in addiction medicine and therapy. Many people may wonder why it is so hard to stop using drugs and alcohol. People often don’t know drug and alcohol addiction involves strong physical and psychological dependencies. It quite literally changes the chemistry of the brain. Despite severe consequences, addiction sufferers feel compelled to use and will continue to use until they reach out for help.


Mayflower Specializes in Ohio detox and drug and alcohol rehab programs at our luxury facility. We individualize addiction treatment to ensure that each client gets the support they need to reach their recovery goals. Our clinicians rely on the best medically sanctioned treatments to help clients overcome their dependencies and learn how to manage the triggers that have governed their addiction.


Ohio Alcohol Detox

Mayflower features a state-of-the-art alcohol detox program and facility. Medical detox is typically the first step in the alcoholism recovery process. During this process, clients slowly and carefully are weaned from alcohol. Medical detox targets the physical-chemical dependency associated with substance addiction. Once their body is free from this dependence, they will be able to focus on subsequent treatments that address their condition’s psychological and behavioral aspects.


Many clients are concerned about withdrawal symptoms when they stop using. At Mayflower Detox and Recovery Center, we carefully monitor each client so we can treat alcohol withdrawal symptoms as they arise, helping to prevent them from becoming severe and triggering health emergencies. Our goal is to make each client feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible, which supports their healing process.Ohio Drugs and Alcohol Rehab Centers: What Is Your Best Option?


Ohio Drug Detox

Ohio drug detox at Mayflower Detox and Recovery Center is similar to our alcohol detox programs. During drug detox, we provide clients with individualized treatment to reduce the severity of their withdrawal symptoms or eliminate them so they can get the rest they need. Like our alcohol detox program, drug detox usually takes about a week. Generally, withdrawal symptoms will peak between 24 and 72 hours from the last drug use. However, the type of drug in question, the length of time the person has been addicted to it, and their physical chemistry can affect the process.


The drug in question can also trigger specific withdrawal symptoms. A person undergoing detox for heroin or other opioids may experience flu-like symptoms such as chills, aches, and vomiting. We rely on medication-assisted treatments to quell these symptoms and help clients to relax as their bodies become clean.


Ohio Alcohol Rehab Center

Ohio detox is an essential step in recovery, but it’s only the first step. Medical detox only addresses the physical side of substance addiction. It does nothing to address the powerful psychological and behavioral compulsions that fuel addiction–and are typically responsible for relapse. During residential alcohol addiction treatment at Mayflower, clients can begin the process of learning to control those triggers that led them to abuse alcohol. With individual and group counseling, clients will examine how their feelings and thoughts are connected to their behaviors. Unhealthy behaviors like drinking when stressed, angry, or even sad.


During alcohol rehab for Ohio, clients work with therapists to develop strategies for managing their triggers. They strive to change how they think about alcohol and their reliance on it. Learning to cope with unhealthy thoughts will help them control their behaviors more effectively.


Ohio Drug Rehab Center

Like our alcohol rehab program, our drug rehab programs at Mayflower are led by highly trained and experienced clinicians. During individual and group therapy sessions, clients will work to develop strategies to manage their triggers to use to prevent relapse. Relapse prevention is a vital component of our addiction treatment offerings. Relapse rates associated with powerful substances like opioids, meth, and cocaine are high. Studies have shown that the more time a person spends in addiction treatment, the less likely they will be to experience a relapse.


During addiction treatment at Mayflower, clients can expect individualized care and support. Our drug rehab programs provide each person with a strong foundation for recovery. Mayflower also offers family counseling and workshops to help people rebuild their lives and personal relationships.


Ohio Addiction Treatment at Mayflower Detox and Recovery Center

Mayflower is renowned for its luxury facilities and caring team of doctors and therapists. Each day, we help addiction sufferers move forward on their recovery journey, helping them overcome obstacles and reach their program milestones. We also offer world-class amenities and services for our residential clients. We feature 24-hour food services, comfortably furnished private rooms with flat-screen televisions, and public spaces where clients can enjoy group activities with other clients.


If you are living with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, you can find the help you need to overcome your dependence on these harmful substances at Mayflower Detox. Visit or contact us to learn more about our treatment programs. Don’t wait another day to take that first step toward your lasting recovery.

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